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Trying to build a business is not easy and quite frankly, downright discouraging a lot of times during the early days. If you have a full time job, kids, extracurricular activities, or other “life” obligations, trying to squeeze out a few more hours a day or a week to build a business is pretty tough.

It is very clear that the businesses that have adapted and embraced e-commerce have managed to be successful and ahead in the industry. E-commerce has been revolutionizing the business world, growing steadily every year in breadth and depth.

The digital space continues to change exponentially, and having a platform proven to keep pace with trends and functionality advances is very important to the businesses. Advancements in technology have played a crucial part in the development of the fashion industry. The fashion industry is becoming increasingly globalised.

Fashion jewelry is one of the fastest growing categories in the business world. The extraordinary line of jewelry and accessories has the transforming effect that enormously impacts the creative fashion identity of women like never before.

Each season, fashion jewelry businesses unleash trailblazing looks in a seriously cool variety of colors, textures, shapes and designs. Without a doubt, fashion jewelry never felt this good before. It enhances a great experience of the unique sensation of revolutionary style for forward-thinking fashionistas and creates a guilty pleasure that fashion lover’s fall in love with over and over again.


Kinida jewelry is an online fashion jewelry boutique for stylish and fashionable women who like sparkly things to stay ahead of the trends. Kinida designs, creates, and markets high-quality fashion jewelry and makes for an exceptional fashion experience. It makes fashion divas feel fabulous inside and look great outside

Kinida offers on-trend jewelry, with a distinctive design crafted using high quality materials in an endless range of colors and cuts. The fashionable silver-tone necklaces, bracelets, and earrings have proven most successful. True eye-catchers, the cocktail rings are commanding pieces of impeccable craftsmanship. Kinida jewelry truly boosts creative self expression and confidence.

The collections provide women with a fresh and contemporary diversity of styles. From feminine classics to the latest trends, from timeless daywear to the bold and glamorous, Kinida offers something for every need and taste. Thanks to its versatility, Kinida jewelry is a perfectly stylish gift for all occasions.

Kinida fashion jewelry is an ideal choice for all women who want to enhance their femininity and add the perfect finishing touch to their daily style. The products provide women with the confidence to live in the moment and embrace the future.

The latest additions and en-vogue trends are continually updated for viewing, selection and ordering. Browse through a wide selection of inspiring looks and get sneak-peeks of the “next big thing”. Discover bracelets, bangles, and earrings with radically unique appeal. Find fabulous necklaces and rings that will match every fashion call on the horizon.


Kinida jewelry has a global appearance in the market through online boutique. However, before shifting their business to e-commerce, Kinida had been facing major drawbacks in the business. It was not really visible to customers from around the world and even the country. Kinida, being traditional offline boutique could target specific demographics only.

Kinida experienced high startup costs till it realized that the difference in cost can come down to thousands and thousands of dollars. Rent, utility expenses, property tax, and insurance alone can add up fast. On top of that, there is a need to hire many more employees than that of an e-commerce store owner. Moreover, the marketing campaign can always be improving and changing at a much lower cost.

Building a customer base is one of the most essential components of starting a successful business. At Kinida, the potential customer base is limited to the surrounding areas as compared to online where the customer base is vast.

As a matter of fact, over 1 billion people worldwide are using the Internet today and Kinida conceivably lacked 1 billion people with access to their store.

In a nutshell, a business does not only sell a product or service, they also sell an experience. Being an offline retailer, making their brand accessible and available to potential customers was not an easy task for Kinida.


An e-commerce website is the best way to promote and expand your business to international level. It helps you to cater to international customers 24 hours a day and generate more revenue. This is the reason why tons of e-commerce websites exist on the web today. Due to the increasing number of e-commerce websites, the competition has become tougher. A site needs to be well designed and thoroughly professional to stand out in the crowd.

The website has been built after detailed analysis of the specific business requirements then needed to look for a web hosting service. The next step was to integrate the website in ecommerce software. All the additional functionalities were added to a website in the web development process. After completing all the development processes, the website was tested before launching it on browsers

The e-commerce platform manages all the products, categories, checkout process, and other aspects involved with a functional e-commerce website. Kinida website has been built on the platform of CMS (Content Management System) i.e. WordPress because the client preferred to be more hands on, and update their own content. A web site driven by a CMS gives you the ability to edit the content areas of the website yourself. You are given access to a back-end administrative area, where you can use an online text editor. WordPress woo commerce has been used to build a shop system, A WordPress theme Avada has been used in the website,

The functionalities developed in the website include newsletter for sales, wish list and live chat that would allow the customers to contact Kinida fashion jewelers instead of calling. Also, pop-ads have been used to show promotional deals for the users who first visit the website.

The website is SEO Friendly. Google Analytic has been used in the website to analyze visitor traffic and paints a complete picture of who your audience is and what their needs are. It is a platform that connects to every page on your website. This equips you with the right data to understand what you need to do to improve the outcome of your site. Google can provide you the routes people take to reach your site, the content they viewed, and even the devices they use to get there. Every site will have actions, and Google Analytics tracks all of those actions.

It will utilize Bootstrap compliant (mobile-responsive) and SEO-semantic coding with relevant keywords on URL extensions, tags, meta tags, alt tags, descriptions, and page & post titles and these settings will ensure that the website must have good ranking on various search engines. . It will also utilize W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) validation as it is important to ensure the site works properly on your browser as well as the other major browsers.

The website facilitates online payment through credit cards, debit cards, smart cards and digital cash. Digital cash is an example of a digital currency which allows people to shop online without credit card where consumers deposit money into their digital cash accounts to be used in the purchase online. PayPal is used to enable the acceptance of payments online as it enables anyone with an email address to securely, easily and quickly send and receive payments online.


Leading fashion retailers are tapping into the trend of online boutique by making it easy for consumers to shop socially and connect with both friends and brands. Kinida’s sales have drastically increased right after it shifted its business to the online boutique. The most incredible aspect of e-commerce is its ability to impact sales and marketing efforts immediately.

By going online, Kinida expanded its reach to a national or even international base of potential customers. Web-based sales know no international boundaries.

With an online store, their costs are directly related to their website, which can be expensive, but is less expensive than a retail storefront. Unlike working offline, there is no rent to pay or other utility bills directly related to the store, except for web hosting and technical support.

Not only is the e-commerce increased the number of potential customers that Kinida could reach, but it is also driving profitability to a greater extent.

Now, Kinida is able to set up a storefront at their own domain name and sell their products globally. They don’t need multiple storefronts to be seen across the entire world to get large customer base and increase their sales.


Technology affects almost every aspect of our lives. Just look around you and you’ll see how wired we are. Thanks to the e-commerce, virtually anything you desire can be delivered to your door in a matter of days. Along the way, innovative and affordable e-commerce solutions have enabled companies to translate their ideas into successful online businesses.

E-commerce is the solution for our increasingly busy lives. The rise of e-commerce has radically transformed the way the world does business at every imaginable level from the smallest of small businesses taking its first hesitant step into the online marketplace to the cut and thrust of global competition, where the biggest online players compete to dominate the market.

E-commerce has greatly contributed to the comfort of our daily lives. It has provided us the ability to purchase products on demand with the convenience of home delivery, to run a business while on

the couch in our living room, and to maintain our financial affairs. There are many great reasons to start an ecommerce business. If you’re interested in being your own boss and selling products you are passionate about, it’s something worth considering.

For customers, everything has changed, the way they shop, travel, research and communicate. E-commerce has revolutionized the business world, and now it’s reshaping its future.


Marie Stopes Society


Marie Stopes Society (MSS) is a social enterprise that provides comprehensive reproductive health services for people throughout Pakistan. Their ultimate aim is to increase access to reproductive health information and services that empower women, men, young people and families to lead healthier lives. MSS is one of the leading Global Partners of Marie Stopes International (MSI), a non-profit organization based in the UK with more than 35 partners around the world.

MSS is registered under the Societies Act of Pakistan in 1990 and it opened its first clinic in Karachi in 1992. It is established as a unique social business organization, applying modern marketing and management techniques to the achievement of social ends and contributing towards national poverty reduction, MSS services are accessible to approximately 70 million people in the country.

MSS provides a full range of reproductive health services, including information, counseling, family planning services, maternal and child healthcare through 85 well equipped clinics throughout Pakistan. These centers provide high quality services through a ‘client-centered’ approach. The Karachi centers have achieved ISO 9000:2001 standards where standardized quality services are ensured in all the centers through strict and formalized monitoring systems.

MSS has a more than 1,900 people (as of May 2014) forming committed, professional teams with the resolve to fulfilling MSS’s vision and mission of improving the reproductive health of people in Pakistan. Of its total people capital, MSS boasts of fully trained, qualified 952 service providers, working tirelessly across hard-to-reach communities in union councils and tehsils of 73 districts to provide client-focused reproductive health information and services to underserved women, men, couples and young people.


MSS undergoes an annual QTA by Marie Stopes International to assess and score foundational quality issues of clinical governance, infection prevention management, standard of services, procurement of commodities and client satisfaction to ensure all service provision adheres to international clinical practices.

In MSS, Reproductive Health Franchise Project (RHF) is carried out where Quality Assurance process is followed by QA staff when performing extensive Quality Scans at Franchises/Clinics in field through manually filled scan registers.  The Quality Scans are filled manually in QA Scan Registers by doctors in field.

RHF project has 13 districts nationwide (might scale up to 20% more in couple of years). Each district has approximately 10 clinics and each clinic is observed 4 times per annum and every time a detailed Quality Scan registers is filled by visiting doctor manually. The QA register has 7 knowledge areas and each of them includes 30-60 questions/indicators, which makes approximately 280 questions as a grand total. Scores from 0-2 and N/A are marked against each question and total questions scores are summed up and then a total score is extracted for each knowledge area. Finally, total score of all 7 knowledge areas is summed up and then aggregated percentage/score is extracted for that Quality visit.

Moreover, Action Plan is documented by visiting doctor against areas that need improvement. The same Quality Scan process is performed 4 times per annum (minimum). In addition to 4 scheduled scans, there are also follow up scans that are conducted as per need, following the same process. A full year performance history is maintained by doctors in shape of manual reports. At the end of each scan performed, doctors return to district offices and electronically populate registers in an MIS system.

As a matter of fact, manual systems put pressure on people to be correct in all details of their work at all times, the problem being that people are not perfect. With manual systems, the level of service is dependent on individuals and this puts a requirement on management to run training continuously for staff to keep them motivated and to ensure they are following the correct procedures.

It can be all too easy to accidentally switch details and end up with inconsistency in data entry or in hand written orders. Productivity is usually lower, particularly in routine or operational situations such as transaction processing which becomes slower where large volumes of data need to be dealt with.

It takes more effort and physical space to keep track of paper documents, to find information and to keep details secure.  When mistakes are made or changes or corrections are needed, often a manual transaction must be completely redone rather than just updated.  With manual or partially automated systems information often has to be written down and copied or entered more than once.  The response speed of the manual system is slow compared to the automated system.

Systemization can reduce the amount of duplication of data entry. Reporting and checking that data is robust can be timely and expensive.  This is often an area where significant money can be saved by automation.


RHF Quality Assurance department required a system for their doctors to perform Quality scans electronically, shifting from the current manually filled Scan registers since a number of problems had been faced by them.

There are two solutions that have been provided to RHF. Firstly, a custom built application that could be installed on portable devices which could be Android tablets, smart phones, etc. The application offers the currently used Quality Scan registers in electronic form.

Secondly, the development of a new module in the existing MIS application (.NET) which could enable the doctors to electronically fill Quality Scan registers using directly the web application.

In addition to it, the solutions are operated in such manner that either doctors fill quality scans over tablets and synchronize the data directly in the existing MIS Quality module or populate quality data by accessing MIS application via front end.

Moreover, the application enables the doctors to populate data scans in offline mode considering GPRS/EDGE/Wi-Fi connectivity on site will be mostly unavailable. Thus, each entry while populating Quality scan gets auto saved in memory, just in case the device becomes unusable or unresponsive.

The solution enables the doctors to carry the devices while they are on a clinic visit and perform Quality scan by populating scores in the application which was deployed on tablet or phone, summarized from listing all questions or indicators that were marked with N/A. Then, the score sheet is required at the end of each scan. Besides, the action plan form needed at the closure stage of scan will be electronically filled by visiting doctors and clinic authorized personnel will sign it.

In addition to 4 quarterly scans, unlimited number of follow up scans can be easily carried out through this approach. Upon returning to district office or wherever they get data connectivity via EDGE/GPRS/Wi-Fi, synchronization will be run, which will update the web based MIS application database.

Finally, the reports will be maintained in the existing  MIS application which will include historical quality scans reports, historical quality scan trends, doctors performance reports, clinics performance reports, and schedule/calendar of upcoming scans to be done by doctors by districts.


RHF experiences tremendous results having shifted from the manually filled scan registers to the automated systems. It can process information much more rapidly than human beings. An automated system’s response is faster and hence prevents mishaps and other risks.

Moreover, the problem of repetition has been resolved. An automated system can do the same job over and over again without the risks of error and inaccuracy which leads to the proper accomplishment of the duties. Automated systems are accurate and follow precise instructions without error.

As a result, MSS remains committed to provide highest quality reproductive health services to women and couples across peri-urban, rural and remote communities of Pakistan.

Moreover, MSS scored above 97% Quality Technical Assistance audit score also known as the QTA score for maintaining highest clinical standards and providing quality services across all its service delivery channels including 82 Behtar Zindagi Centres, 14 Outreach teams, 1 Mother and Child Health Centre and over 300 Suraj social franchises.

Today, MSS Pakistan provides reproductive health information and services to some 40 million persons across the country. The quality, dedication and ability of its team members are central to its continued growth and success.


In the present world of rapid technological changes, there is an urgent demand for the very best quality products or services that can only be supplied by a high level of productivity which requires automated systems and processes.

There is no doubt that manual tasks take time. They have to be performed linearly by humans who are prone to errors and who are unable to consistently perform to the highest standards.  Process automation reduces the time it takes to achieve a task, the effort required to undertake it and the cost of completing it successfully.

Automation not only ensures systems run smoothly and efficiently, but that errors are eliminated and that your best practices are constantly leveraged. It reduces the number of tasks you and your employees would otherwise need to do manually.

In a nutshell, the success of the sustained businesses is dependent on their competitive advantages. Automation frees up the time to work on items that add genuine value to the business, allowing a business to be more innovative and increasing their employees’ levels of motivation.




BagLOGIX is a leading independent baggage handling solutions consultancy firm that offers comprehensive baggage systems planning, development and delivery services. It has been operating in this sector for over 20 years and developed successful solutions for some of the world’s most demanding and complex airports. It is a primary baggage consultancy framework supplier for the two largest UK airports, Heathrow and Gatwick.

BagLOGIX has particular expertise in the development of Hold Baggage Screening (HBS) systems integrating and managing the deployment of Explosive Detection System (EDS) machines from all of the leading suppliers. They offer consultancy services across the whole project lifecycle, from strategic definition, through the development lifecycle to operational acceptance and handover.

BagLOGIX has considerable experience of providing baggage input to general airport master plans as well as master planning the baggage product in isolation. They have successfully performed this role for the Heathrow Airport, Eastern Campus £1.5bn project, Glasgow and Bristol Airports. They always ensure that their strategic plans remain valid by clearly articulating the planning assumptions e.g. legislation, fleet, passenger mix, and destinations etc.


BagLOGIX had some of the key objectives for the purpose of achieving more success in their business. They wanted to ensure wider reach to customer based target through Android market. Secondly, they were looking forward to provide rich consumer experience with a user friendly UI. Moreover, in order to increase revenue stream through in-app purchases, the company needed a Built-in Revenue Generation Feature

As a matter of fact, BagLOGIX wanted to reach out to a wider audience which could actually lead the company towards earning more and more revenue. This could all be happened via its Android Smartphone or tablet application. BagLOGIX wanted a solution to meet all their needs and provide their consumers with an amazing experience they could ever have.


BagLOGIX required a solution for their business to achieve their key objectives. In an approach to fulfill their demand, Android Smartphone and tablet application has been successfully designed, developed and deployed for BagLOGIX.

This application is full of real life farm games with children’s favorite story character Tractor Ted who captivates, entertains and then educates with his exciting kids’ stories of farm adventures.



Some of the key features and functionality of this Android mobile App includes:

  • Five different jigsaws with beautiful countryside scenes, big tractors, and creamy cows. Four levels ranked from Easy Peasy to Expert.
  • Stickers of three different farm scenes. Drag your machines and animals into the countryside. Enlarge them, rotate them. Play the farming game & earn even more stickers.
  • Film shorts from four DVD titles. From Tractor Ted Big Machines to Tractor Ted Meets More Animals. Watch big modern machines at work, farm animals in the fields and the funny bits that happen when things go wrong with Les the Tractor Driver and Fudge the Dog.
  • Play the Farming Game. Choose your tractor. Hitch your plough. Plant your seeds. Harvest your crop. Win a new sticker when you’ve finished.
  • Flick the pages through the summertime book and see the big real life pictures of summer on the farm. See the combine harvesters, plough and hedge cutter.
  • Play the farm sounds. Crowing cockerels to revving tractors. Choose from eight clips.
  • Add to the fun with extra puzzles and books via an in-app purchase.




BagLOGIX experiences tremendous results after the implementation of Android mobile App.

In point of fact, this solution is mainly useful for Android users. Some of the results achieved for the company are following:

  • Launched mobile and tablet application within time and budget.
  • Reduced cost by off-shoring the development.
  • Delivered high quality app through dedicated mobile testing lab (both manual and automated).
  • Developed customized UI which is enriching, user friendly, focused on This drove consumer to use the application more frequently, leading to higher product purchases.

Here’s what users have to say about the App:

Currently, BagLOGIX is leading the industry in the development, deployment, testing and implementation of EC compliant Standard 3 HBS systems across London Heathrow Airport.

BagLOGIX is unique in baggage solutions development approach by actively managing not only the technology implementation, but also the people and processes that are requisite of a successful solution.


Here’s why Mobile Marketing Is the Next Big Thing

Few things have had such a profound effect o the way we live, work, play and socialize as Mobile devices. From sending emails and texts to incorporating cameras, GPS navigation menu ordering and entertainment no one could predict that the device used for communication will become such an integral part of our digital lifestyle and emerging mobile marketing.

But just like our devices and technologies changes so do our marketing methods 2015 was the first year that mobile traffic exceeded that of desktop users. For marketers, this opens up a whole new field of ideas to try and avenues to pursue in order to reach these customers, create dialogues and forge relationships with them in a way that makes our offer irresistible.

Gone are the days of top-down communications, of intrusive ads and poorly aligned customer outreach campaigns. Today, we have more data than ever, and we’re leveraging it to come up with innovative trends and ideas like these for our Mobile Marketing.

Search Engine Results Will Display More Than Pages

Google already displays video in search results but the most hyped video these days are video ads Other search engines, as well as other platforms like Facebook and Twitter, already leverage these types of ads in the form of auto-playing videos and Vines respectively – but at the moment Google is still testing the waters to determine how audiences respond to video-based ads.

Also, don’t be surprised to see big shifts in mobile search. UI and UX specialists are still learning how we gesture, point, flick and tap on our devices, and with a search interface that’s designed for typing and scrolling, you can see how trying to wrangle a process built for computers into a small screen with taps and flicks just becomes an exercise in frustration. With so much data available, and so many past browsing habits to draw from, coming up with a page full of results is no longer going to cut it. It’s very likely we’ll see fully optimized, fine-tuned mobile search that enlists the help of third party apps to not just recommend a particular product, but find it in the customer’s preferred color, size, location, price range and much more.

( Source: Kissmetrics)

Brands Will Blur the Lines Between Apps, E-Commerce and Social

Well-known social platforms are taking their awkward first steps into becoming shopping centers.

2016 will be the year of even greater innovation from apps we already know and recognize. More seamless integration between those apps and their corresponding e-commerce and social outlets will become commonplace. Many social platforms are already tying e-commerce features into their networks. From Instagram’s “Shop Now” to Pinterest’s “Buyable Pins”, today’s hottest platforms are looking for ways to blur the lines between web, social, app and e-commerce.

As you might expect, the rallying cry from marketing has been “people don’t shop on social media!” but as mobile, social and e-commerce become more integrated, the possibilities open up to hit the right combination of buying and browsing buttons to turn that notion around.


(Source: Hello Bar)

Why Mobile Development Is More Accessible Now

Technology often changes so fast that as soon as data like the above is released, newer technology has made development more accessible, thus lowering costs. As mobile development has become more popular and important in today’s business world, the number of app builders on the market also grown. More providers means more competitive pricing; there are more options to choose from, and some of these options are remarkably cheap compared to the prices we were seeing just a year or more ago.

Also because of the rise of mobile marketing. Some of these software or app development services are designed for a small business to make their own mobile app at a very low price. As long as a business owner is willing to take the time and effort required, these hyper user-friendly tools can drastically reduce overhead.

The evolution of mobile is almost identical to the changes we’ve witnessed in web development through its infancy and beyond. In the early stages of the Internet, having a website became an undisputed necessity for businesses, but development was costly. There were only a small number of developers and designers available. Now, there are a number of inexpensive services that allow anyone to make their own functioning website with relative ease.

The Future of Small Businesses and Mobile Development

As mobile marketing becoming a much more reasonable investment for a small business to swallow, the future looks very positive. Recent data reports that roughly a quarter of small businesses already have a mobile app and another 27% of them have plans to enter the mobile world in the next year or so. As prices go down and accessibility goes up, these numbers are likely to increase rapidly.

Part of the shift from uncertainty to conviction is simple education. Small businesses ambivalent about adopting mobile marketing may have been quoted for an app a year or more ago and still believe it’s out of their price range. Others fail to see how a mobile marketing will impact their business or how it’s relevant to their industry.


The mobile marketing world took off like a rocket in a short span of time it move from a trend to a necessity In the past, small businesses couldn’t afford to invest in this rapidly growing, mobile world. But as mobile has grown, so has the number of app developers and services available, reducing the costs of mobile adoption.

Even though only about a quarter of small businesses have entered the mobile app world, more expect to join soon. Those who remain unconvinced may be swayed as prices go down and accessibility goes up. And for the rest, a little bit of education on how mobile can impact their success could set them over the edge.